Is it the whole weekend?

Yes! From Friday to Sunday. Check in can be as early as 11am on Friday but please let us know if you’d like to arrive then as we’ll be setting up. Check out can be as late as Sunday at 4pm, we’re looking into the possibility of staying till Monday if we fancy it!


What do I need to bring?

Just yourselves & clothes. There will be bedding, towels and toiletries in the room. Feel free to bring anything else though like games, your favourite drink, whatever!

If you have kids and want to bring toys or a games console thats cool too. Ideally we’d like to set up a room for our younger guests so they can have a great time and not have to get bored with adult conversation if they don’t want to!

We’d like to get you a gift!

Wow, that’s very nice of you! We’re fortunate enough to have a house and some furniture and plates to go in it so if you’d like to give us anything a contribution towards our honeymoon or growing family would be warmly received. However, if you’d like to give us a personalised gift that’s great too!

Head over to the gifts page for more information about how we’re accepting contributions and please remember to leave a reference so we can appropriately thank you!

Of course, we’re not expecting anything and appreciate that your presence for the whole weekend is a gift in itself!

Will I need to buy food?

Nope! We’ve organised a buffet for Friday evening, breakfast for Saturday and Sunday, a two course sit down meal and dessert table on Saturday and some evening food after the party.

We’ll also have some canapes and will leave the kitchen open so if you need something just help yourself! We’re not going to starve you or make you turn to JustEat!

Feel free to bring anything though if you want access to your favourite snack or know that your child or husband won’t eat vegetables. There should be some fridge space in the kitchen and you can go in there whenever you want!

How much are drinks?

Free! We wouldn’t invite you to a wedding weekend and not give you some booze and food guys. Come on.

We’re going to have a staffed bar each evening and will serve a limited bar. By this we mean a red, white and rose wine, a few different types of beer, 5 or so spirits and a bunch of mixers.

If you have any suggestions for which drinks let us know in your RSVP.

Of course if you want to bring a favourite drink, do it!

I really like tea

That’s not a question. However, there will be tea and coffee. The Butlers pantry is always open so just pop by. We’re not going to stop you taking drinks from the bar either.

Can I smoke?

Physically, yes. Are you allowed to? Inside, no of course not. Outside? Yes sure, don’t do it near doors, open windows or children though. Cigars are recommended if you want to look fancy. We’ll have some firepits going outside with some rattan furniture so you should be able to sit outside and smoke to your lungs content even if it’s freezing!

I have children where should I put them?!?!?!?

Wherever! We also have a child so we’re hoping this is child friendly! Children are welcome to every bit of the weekend and can go everywhere too!

We’re looking into hiring a full time nanny for the weekend so if that’s something you’d like to chip in for please let us know! There will definetly be 3 children under 2 as well as a bunch of older children up to 13.

We’re also considering a child’s room with toys and games consoles. We’re not saying that they have to go there but we’d like to provide the option. If you have any suggestions it’d be great to hear them. Please feel free to bring anything for your kids too!

may I bring a plus one?

The short answer is no. The long answer is maybe.

We’ve invited alot of people with families or significant others. If we’ve left you out it’s not because you mean less, just that we have to prioritise certain people e.g people with married partners, long term significant others or whatever!

At a certain point it comes about health and safety, literal space and spiralling cost. We can only have a certain number of people but if you have a partner we didn’t know about that you’d really like to bring or you’re looking to chirpse that bird from work with a fancy weekend away, ask! We might say no so don’t be upset, but we might say yes. Plus if you get married off the back of this awesome weekend then you owe us. Big time.

Feel free to write a really compelling argument for why you and not someone else. Of course we might read it out in a speech if you get your way, so bare that in mind.

What’s the dress code?

Different dress code for different times! In the itinerary page we’ve tried to spell it out precisely. However you are free to wear what you want when you want but a rough guide is that breakfast is casual, cermony is formal, evening is casual or black tie or fancy dress! We will stare unpleasantly if you opt to wear fancy dress to the ceremony as we’d like some nice pictures for memories. Will we kick you out? Depends on the quality of the fancy dress.

Where’s the ceremony?

There’s a church on site! On the video on the home page you should be able to see it, it’s around a 2 minute walk from the main house.

What do I do if I have specific dietary requirements?

TELL US IN THE RSVP!!!! We really really don’t want to poison anyone! We’ll work around it as much as possible, we’re expecting to have a vegetarian, vegan and gluten free option. If you have any allergies please let us know and we’ll pass that info to the caterers.

Is there anywhere in town to visit?

Yes Tiverton is nearby and very nice. There’s all the stuff you’d expect to find, its worth having your own research but it’s a holiday destination in its own right!

Is parking available?

Yes! there’s lots of parking. When you get here you’ll see it! Feel free to pull up, unload at the door and then park.

Can we post on social media?

Ah good question! Look we’re not going to stop you, its a thing that people do all the time. We don’t post pictures of our child on social media so we’d also prefer you not too as well. If you tag us we might not accept it but we may well. We’re just not all about that facebook. Neither of us have instagram either. Sorry.

When shall we arrive and when should we leave?

We have the house from 11am Friday but we recommend turning up after 3pm to let us set up. You can come super early especially if you’d like to lend us a hand with things. You can also turn up super late and we’ll just leave some instructions out for you.

Check out is Sunday by 4pm latest. If you misbehave, much earlier.

We’re looking into staying another night so if that’s something you’re interested in, let us know!

Does your wedding have a theme?


How do we contact you if we have questions?

Oh god more questions?!?! You should know us if you’re on this website so contact us how you normally would.

How do I get to the venue?

Follow the yellow brick road.