Wedding gifts


When we first started planning this wedding it was just the two of us.

Just as we were about to start sending out our invites, we knew we'd be three! After waiting a year we’ll be delighted to have our daughter there with us!

We’re not expecting gifts as we realise that coming for the weekend is not the cheapest thing and we feel that your presence will be a gift in itself!

However, if you'd like to give us anything, a contribution towards our daughter, growing family or honeymoon would be warmly received! 

We've set up a savings account in place of a wedding registry and would be honoured to accept any gifts.

Please leave a reference so that we can appropriately thank you!

Account number: 68937423
Sort code: 50-42-37

If you’d prefer to give a more personalised gift that’s completely fine too! If you could let us know for logistic reasons we’d really appreciate as we don’t want to end up in a position where we cant fit things in our car!